Become a Link Company

Link Companies donations provide resources for several intensive demand needs, for example we will mention some:

- Research and planning of Humanitarian Missions.

- Monitoring and coordination with government and other emergency relief agencies for Relief Missions.

- Obtaning and maintaining up to date instruments and equipment for rescue and associated tasks.

- Organizing, supervising and coordinating different Cadena CJG ONG units to be prepared at any moment in case of an Emergency or Natural Disaster.

- Local seminars and workshops of Basic First Responder Skills to volunteers.

- Local and abroad seminars, workshops and specialized courses so our Volunteer Rescuers can obtain knowledge, skills and certifications to operate with other certified institutions during an Emergency or Natural Disaster.

There are three different categories of Link Companies:

Benefits / Category Basic Silver Gold
Right to be called a Cadena CJG ONG Link Company
First Responders Workshops (limited participation, max 2 persons per workshop) 1 per year 2 Per year 3 per year
Corporate Volunteers (limited participation, max 2 persons per mission) 1 missions per year 2 missions per year 3 missions per year
Mentioned in CADENA CJG ONG Media
Guatemalan IRS deductibe receipts (US W9 receipts also avalibable upon request)
Annual donation in USD USD 2.000 USD 3.000 USD 5.000

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