About us

Based in the Tikkun Olam precept (repair/improve the world) of the Jewish Faith, CADENA CJG ONG is a Guatemalan NGO (ONG in spanish) product of an strategic alliance between CADENA Internacional and the Jewish Community of Guatemala (CJG) devoted to the assistance in times of emergency and prevention in the event of natural disasters; as well as to the implementation of humanitarian help missions and programs.

CADENA CJG ONG plans, organizes, supervises and delivers help directly, hand to hand to people in need


Reduce the vulnerability of people who live in high risk of natural disasters by generating a culture of prevention, mitigation, resilience and inclusion.


To contribute significantly improving the living conditions of people who face natural disasters, emergencies and precarious living conditions, as well as empowering them to be part of the solution.

Our Commitment

CADENA CJG ONG is the social and humanitarian arm of the Jewish Community of Guatemala devoted to the Guatemalan People in gratitude for years of friendship, care and support towards Israel and the Jewish People.


Natural Disasters and Emergencies

- Prevention and Resiliense
- Assitance to Victims
- Post Event Health

Humanitarian Aid Programs

- Preventive Healthcare
- Nutrition
- Basic needs
- Shelter



Board of Directors:
David Farchi | President
Rosemarie Castillo | Vice President
José Garcés | Secretary
Yadira Piccioto | Board Member
Beverly Selechnik | Board Member
Gloria Garcés | Board Member
Luis Bespresvani | Board Member
Yehudi Sabbagh | Board Member

Honorary Board Member:
Benjamin Laniado | President Cadena Internacional

Rebeca de Sabbagh | President Jewish Community of Guatemala

Lic. Jessica de Alvarez | Operative Director
Lic. Ana Lucia Cifuentes | PR & Fundraising Director